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When and Why to Contact a Contracts Professional

Your company is currently a Government Contractor or Subcontractor and needs to review a Contract or Subcontract.
  • When you are a subcontractor, a Contracts Professional can help you negotiate and clearly define reasonable terms and conditions including payment terms, non-solicitation of customer, delineation of SOW, etc. The nuances of the language incorporated and what is not incorporated makes an enormous difference–and can end up costing a lot of money.
  • When you are the Prime Contractor, a Contracts Professional can help ensure the contract includes all aspects of your proposal and the government’s obligation is included (e.g. -quality of deliverables, length of time to receive feedback, invoicing schedule, etc.).
Your company would benefit by enhancing its reputation with the Government.
  • Contracts Professionals can enhance your reputation by letting the Government know you take the contract and FAR/DFAR seriously. From experience, Contracting Officers respect and appreciate having a point of contact that can speak his/her language.
You are not sure what the reporting requirements are and don’t have a process in place to track them.
  • There may be specific program compliance reports or annual government reports required due on an annual or semi-annual basis depending on the type and value of your contract. Some examples are Manpower Reporting, Executive Compensation, Limitation of Funds correspondence, Subcontracting Plan, Government Furnished Equipment, etc.
You have an employee who is going on leave (e.g. medical, vacation, maternity) or are in-between hires.
  • Obtaining surge support on a real time basis is easier said than done. When you look for expertise through a Temp Agency, it can be time consuming and an uncertainty as to whether you will find a truly qualified candidate that is looking for a non-permanent assignment.
  •  Contract Professional consultants can offer continuity and long-term knowledge of processes by coming back again and again when needed.
Last and maybe most important, you could make more progress focusing on your strengths–growing the company, being the Subject Matter Expert (SME) or managing the financials.
  • The most difficult part of contracts management for many companies is that it takes valuable time and limited resources away from growing their businesses and performing at their highest level. Even if they have the bandwidth, a common scenario is that Company Officers and Admins often do not know–what they do not know.
  •  The Government Contracts landscape is ever changing, demanding, and at times, unforgiving. To quote a popular idiom, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Professional contracts management is a component that every successful company needs, but not all companies have.

Hiring one or more employees on a full-time basis can be a significant drain of resources as your needs ebb and flow. Contact Streamline if we can help with your contract management.

This blog is for informational purposes only. None of the content is, or will be deemed to constitute legal opinions or legal advice.

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