Full Contract Lifecycle Services
"from Cradle to Grave"

for Small and Medium-sized contractors with the Federal government.

Our typical client is a small or medium-sized, Federal prime contractor or subcontractor that needs one or more of the following:


  • Negotiation Support. (e.g. teaming agreements and subcontracts).
  • Expert advice on Federal contracts;
  • Contract management support when their staff is not available (i.e., medical/maternity leave. in-between hires;)

“I cannot speak highly enough of Karen, her knowledge of Government contracting, her commitment to her customers and the high quality of service she provides...”

- ROB AVERY, Software Engineer and Owner of AvXteL

Contract Management Services


‣ Review and negotiate Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

‣ Review and negotiate Teaming Agreements (TA)

‣ Review reseller agreements

‣ Prepare proposal compliance matrix (technical and/or pricing)

‣ Prepare cost proposal

Contract Execution, Post-Award

‣ Contract/subcontract review to ensure accuracy from proposal submittal

‣ Review costs and provide guidance how to execute contract within price restraints (service contracts only)

‣ Review and negotiate subcontracts

‣ Attend and participate in the Government kickoff meeting

‣ Prepare and present internal kickoff meeting

‣ Prepare contract/task order briefs (briefs track funding changes, funding need, workforce, etc.)

‣ Review contract modifications and update financial information on contract brief

‣ Ongoing support (respond to CO emails, verify qualifications for new staff members, etc.)

‣ Review invoice set-up and/or monthly invoicing

‣ Prepare and/or review customer monthly contractual reports

‣ Prepare contract correspondence (e.g. limitation of funds letters, change in key personnel)

‣ Prepare internal monthly report for executive (one status report for all active contracts/task orders)

‣ Prepare cost-to-complete/estimate at completion

‣ Conduct contract close-out

Additional Services

‣ Best Practices Assessment (BPA)

‣ Contract Reporting (e.g. Manpower, Service Contract Reporting)

‣ Process audit for contracts

GSA schedule admin, including calculating CAF/IFF

Contracts Assessment Review

Update Government databases (e.g. SAM)

Employee Process Training

‣ Misc./other

Success Story

Reducing Risks to both Contractor and Federal Customer


A prime contractor received limited contract funding to pay their subcontractor to install security software licenses, creating undue risk for the prime contractor and Prime.


Streamline drafted a letter to the contracting officer that stated concern about a potential security breach that increased risk to the Federal customer’s mission.


The Federal customer agreed. Funding was issued within 2 business days and the Government mitigated serious, unacceptable mission risk, which also enhanced the contractor’s reputation.

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