What our clients are saying . . .

"Our company has become more efficient under the guidance of Streamline. Karen and her staff are very knowledgeable and extremely professional."

My colleagues and I are incredibly impressed with Streamline Government Contracts. As a growing technology company, we were overwhelmed trying to understand FAR/DFAR requirements, CDRLs, contract clauses, what we could do contractually, what we could not do contractually, what we could charge, what we could not charge, etc. They are there to give you as much support as you need when you need it. Streamline has helped us better manage our contracts, reduce our risk and receive our payments in a timely manner.


-Dr. Mary DeVito, President, FD Software Enterprises, LLC


"This is so complicated, I am glad I have Streamline to help and support us"

-Niraj Sinha, Vice President, Softek International, Inc. 

"Streamline Government Contracts has provided on-going Contract Management Support beginning October 2015 for Comm-Works/Fortran, LLC (Comm-Works)."

We engaged Karen Long because we needed someone who had a thorough understanding of Government Contracts, advice on potential risks when evaluating agreements, and be a Point of Contact for Government Contracting Officers and Teaming Partners. Since then, she has become an integral part of our team. We have implemented many of her processes and suggestions. She takes a proactive approach to ensure that our company is compliant with the Federal regulations. I rely heavily on Karen to point out potential risks when reviewing agreements so I can make informed decisions. In addition, occasionally I have had time-sensitive questions and called Karen after office hours and she has been very responsive. I highly recommend Streamline's services to other Government Contractors who do not have someone with this knowledge in-house.

 - George J. Nagy, EVP & General Manager Comm-Works, LLC

"Karen provided surge support at TISTA Science and Technology Corporation (TISTA) for July to October 2018, which incorporated two extensions."

Initially Karen was brought in to help set up processes and perform special projects.  However, due to the volume of work, the VP of Contracts paired Karen with me to focus on Teaming Agreements and Proposal questions –and some special projects.  Because I was relatively new to the Contracts field, Karen became my unofficial mentor.   While she was here, she taught me several techniques that she uses and coached me on how to review documents.  Our VP asked Karen to attend Business Development meetings with me because of her experience.  Karen was well-respected and became part of the Contracts Team during her tenure.  I highly recommend Streamline Government Contracts to companies who need surge support.  She helped TISTA with the workload and taught me an enormous amount at the same time.

 - Pallavi Cherukuri, (Former) Contracts Administrator, TISTA Science and Technology Corp.

“I highly recommend Streamline Government Contracts for effective contract management support”

Karen Long is extremely knowledgeable about proposal requirements and pricing. Karen worked with our organization on a very complex cost proposal and she did an exception job of organizing the requirements to ensure compliance. She worked well with all members of our team and provided outstanding support for our proposal effort.

- C. Roach, Director of Operations, College Success Foundation - District of Columbia

“I appreciate Karen's support during a busy time in our contracts department”

Karen was instrumental in jumping in and reviewing agreements preparing cost proposals, and other contractual tasks with tight deadlines. Karen enabled JBM to continue business as usual at the same high level of quality JBM always strives for. On behalf of JBM, I want to thank her.

- Harry B. Gibb, President and Chief Executive Officer, JB Management, Inc.

“Thank you for your professionalism, attention to detail, and support."

You came in and truly helped me complete my actions, comply with the FAR, and lightened my load. Not all Contracts professionals can come in and get to work in a significant way as you have. You are also a joy to work with. I would recommend you/Streamline again and again. My contracts administration and management task list has been reduced because of you.

 - Sharon Thorpe, CPCM, Vice President, B3 Solutions

“Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to make such an informative presentation on various types of Agreements.”

It was awesome! The attendees raved about the entire presentation. We really appreciate the time that you devoted to planning, traveling and presenting. The Maryland Women's Business Center is better able to assist our clients in no small part due to the generosity of people like you who are willing to give back and help others.

We look forward to working with you again real soon.

 - Angie Duncanson, Senior Business Counselor/Trainer

“I'm so happy you became a part ofJBM's "home", if only for a short time."

Your pleasant demeanor and outstanding skill set has been a job for all of us. I'm hopeful that the opportunity will arise for you to join us again.

 - L. Faye Buffington, Controller, J.B. Management, Inc.

“I have been using Streamline Government Contracts for the past two and a half years to help me address the complexities inherent in the Federal Government Aquisitions process.”

As a small business owner and President of the company, my objective is to ensure we achieve a level of contracting expertise that matches larger and more established government contractors. Streamline has provided the necessary support to help me achieve this objective, and has done so many times within short timelines, performing additional hours as needed to get the job done. I recommend Streamline to any business needing to supplement their understanding of government contracting, subcontracting, or vendor management.

 - Bill Calvo, President, Provideo Management, Inc. (now Zentek Consulting, Inc.)

"I'm so happy you became part of JBM's "home," if only for a short time. Your pleasant demeanor and outstanding skill set has been a joy for all of us." —L. FAYE BUFFINGTON, Controller, JB Management, Inc.

"I cannot speak highly enough of Karen, her knowledge of Government contracting, her commitment to her customers and the high quality of service she provides..." —ROB AVERY, Software Engineer and Owner of AvXteL

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