How to Influence Your CPARS Rating Positively and More

These are a few questions I have received from my clients that I thought may be useful to others.

Question: It seems like my CPARS (Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System) is based on what is happening on the project at the moment instead of the entire year. In fact, sometimes it seems like the CPARS is influenced by the Government Official’s mood at the moment. Any suggestions?

Answer: My suggestion is to present a draft CPARS in advance. This can highlight all of the company’s accomplishments over the past year and it also sets expectations for the Government. One, this is a good reminder for the Government of your company’s achievements. Two, it makes their job easier, which he/she most likely will appreciate.

Question: We got awarded our first Prime Contract. Will we receive a CPARS? If so, what is the evaluation based on?

Answer: If the contract or order is above the simplified acquisition threshold ($300,000 for services or work performed inside the US or $1,000,000 for work outside the US), you should receive a CPARS. Two exceptions are architect-engineer services (limit is $30,000 or in the case of default) and construction contracts (limit is $650,000 or in the case of default). In addition, non-profit organizations employing people who are blind or severely disabled) and IDIQ contracts (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity) are exempt. The evaluations shall be prepared annually at a minimum. Contractors shall receive a CPARS generated notification when the CPARS is available for review and ready for comments.

The evaluation shall at least include technical quality, cost control (if applicable –e.g. not Firm Fixed Price), timeliness, management or business relations, and small business subcontracting (if applicable). Other factors and sub-factors may be included as well. Possible ratings are exceptional, very good, satisfactory, marginal, or unsatisfactory and should be accompanied by narratives.

Contractors have up to fourteen (14) calendar days to comment from the date of notification to respond and provide input. After fourteen days, the Government completes the contractor’s review taking the Contractor’s comments into account. The contractor receives a copy and it is posted to Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS). Although, construction contract evaluations and architect-engineer service contract evaluations are posted elsewhere. PPIRS should be updated if the Government receives comments after fourteen days and with future evaluations.

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