Government Spending and Contract Funding: Did you know…?

I recently went to an Appropriation Law Seminar and thought you might find this information useful.

• For Procurement purposes, you can check to find out about the President’s budget for the current fiscal year. (Most of the Government websites reflect previous fiscal years.)

• An appropriation, budget authority to incur an obligation, can be for one year, multi-year, or no-year duration. No year funds are available until they are either spent or rescinded by Congress.

• The three elements of an appropriation are purpose, time, and amount.

• These are the Contractual Obligation requirements for the following contract types:

Time and Materials/Labor Hour Contracts: Obligate total estimated and not more than maximum current liability;

Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ): Obligate minimum amount; and

Purchase Orders: Amount liable at time of contract formation.

• If a contract is terminated for default, all excess funds are de-obligated. However, if there is still a bona fide need, it is within the scope of the original contract, and a contract is awarded promptly, the same funding may be used.

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